What MI Am I?

Learn More About MI, Yourself, and the Intelligences YOU Possess

There is currently no official assessment of Multiple Intelligences.

Many people, and especially policymakers, are persistent in their desire to develop an instrument for measuring intelligences. Howard Gardner advises against self-assessment as most people do not possess insights into their own strengths and don’t know how to differentiate preferences, interests, and computational capacities. Triangulation is the key to an accurate measure of intelligences. That is, having individuals rate themselves as well as having their family, friends, and teachers rate them.

That being said, please enjoy the following quiz (and all the quizzes to come!), knowing that it is not an official profile of your intelligences. 


Please watch the following clip from the Broadway Musical ‘CATS.’

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Each time you re-watch the clip, focus on a different aspect of the musical:

The orchestral music
The emotional turmoil of the main character
The lyrics of the song ‘Memory’
The dance motion and movements of the performers
The stage and background
Your own emotional experience
How ‘cat-like’ the performance is

When you are done re-watching the clip, please click the link, in order to continue with the quiz.

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