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Online MI Course for Teams Available Through Harvard Graduate School of Education

An online course regarding Multiple Intelligences is being formulated at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The course will begin September 18th and end December 17th and will help participants understand the dimensions and applications of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Please note, this course only accepts team enrollment in groups on three to six people.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the multiple problem-solving capacities that make up human intelligences
  • Possess a richer skill set for understanding students’ strengths while recognizing learning differences
  • Work more productively with varied learners by developing or modifying curriculum, assessment, and instructional approaches
  • Develop a unit plan for engaging diverse learners and supporting them in achieving deeper understanding
  • Develop plans, tools, and frameworks for enhancing your classroom or learning environment to support the diverse learners within it


Information about teams:

  • Team participation promotes a deeper learning experience in your local context and helps to sustain the use of core ideas after the course concludes
  • Team members will collaborate on most of the assignments, including the development of a project
  • Teams meet face-to-face once every two weeks

More information can be found here: MI Course.

Applications may be submitted here: Applications.