Is Howard Gardner Misunderstood?

In May 2018, Dr. Gary Stager (journalist, teacher educator, consultant, professor, software developer, and school STEM Director) posted an article titled “Thinking about Thinking about Howard Gardner” on his blog Stager-to-Go. In the article, Stager poses the question, “Is Howard Gardner the most misunderstood and misappropriated educationalist…in the world today or [is] he just the only theorist most educators have heard of?”

Dr. Gardner comments briefly below.


I appreciate Stager’s ‘shout-out’ to my work. It’s true that I write a lot and also that I am misunderstood a lot. (I am writing a memoir which addresses both issues). For now, I would say that I write because I become interested in topics and find that’s the best way to set down my thoughts. I’ve probably written 50 blogs in the past few years; I am happy if someone else reads them, but they are important chiefly because they give me a chance to see (as well as say) what I think. As for misunderstandings, I try whenever possible to set the record straight—for example, the difference between intelligences and learning styles—but if there is no one paying attention, there’s little that I can do.

- Howard Gardner


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